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          來源:廣西金橋實業集團有限公司 作者:管理員 發布時間:2011-9-30 16:43:58 瀏覽次數:




           Fangchenggang Golden Bridge Trading Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in international imp. & exp. business and domestic trading.

           The Imp. & Exp. Dept. is in charge of varied goods and technique import and export with the neighbor countries through frontier small-amount trading. The dept owns a group of talents versed in foreign languages and trading skills. Good business relationship has been established with many countries like USA, Japan, S. Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Their imp & exp goods are involved with iron ore, manganese ore, sulphur, gravel, barites, sea food, equipment, etc. 

           The Domestic Trading Dept is in charge of the purchase & sale of varied goods like chemical cargo, coal, ore, aquatic products, agricultural products, etc and purchase / sale as agent, also the domestic process, sale & delivery of imported cargo including iron ore, manganese ore, coke, sulphur,etc.



          電話(Tel):+86-770-2835613 傳真(Fax):+86-770-2827388





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